Welcome To Taligonia’s Geckos!


Hi, My name is Sierra Conine, I started Taligonia’s Geckos back in 2017.

I’ve owned my crested geckos for five years, so I felt comfortable trying my hand at breeding in 2018 and so far have learned so much and have gotten to enjoy watching my babies grow and develop, as well as get new homes with amazing owners! I want to work on producing Extreme Tri-colors and Extreme Harlequins in the future, as those are my favorite morphs when it comes to crested geckos. I’ll be working on incorporating full pin striping as well, as i find that really makes their colors stand out!

I’m extremely willing to help anyone looking for info on care for crested geckos or if you have any questions! I know when I first started out, I didn’t really have anyone to talk to to ask questions, so I’ve had to learn a lot of stuff on my own or the hard way, so I’m always open to a text or email for info! I will be providing my personal care guide on this website, but if you still have questions, feel free to contact me!


Some of those sweet moments experienced here at Taligonia’s Geckos