Here you can find all the information pertaining to my current, retired, and future breeders, as well as any projects I’m currently working on.


~Breeders on Cool Down~



An Extreme Tri-Color 95% Pin Stripe: Mother of 8 of my baby crested geckos. She was produced by Pangea from one of their Tri-color Pin Stripe groups in November of 2014, sadly since it was a group, they didn’t have exact info on the parents, so that’s all I have when it comes to her lineage. While she can be jumpy at times, she’s a pretty nice gecko and beautiful to boot!


~Retired Breeders~



A Harlequin: Mother of 4 of my baby crested geckos, Ember was the Gecko who started it all! She was my first gecko I got back in December of 2014 at the age of 2-3 months! She’s also the only gecko I’ve bought at a chain pet store and she’s also the last, as I only buy from breeders now, as most breeders can not only provide hatch dates, weight records and lineage, they also take way better care of their babies than say, petco or petsmart. Ember is a gentle girl as well as a big girl at 9 inches long! She’s very social and loves to fall asleep on my shoulder!



A Blonde Harlequin: Father of all my current babies. He was originally produced by Apollo’s Geckos from Cee x Lava in September of 2014. He then was with Tip O’ Texas Geckos for a while before coming into my possession in 2016, where he now has a permanent home! He is the most laid back of all my adults and I hope his babies inherit his peaceful demeanor.

Future Breeders



Extreme Tri-color W/Pin Dashing: One of the daughters of Ember & Magma, Indigo is a beautiful crested gecko who I’m sure will be a stunner as she gets bigger! This lil one’s patterns are so beautiful, I can not wait to see what babies she will produce in a couple years!



Halloween W/Pin Dashing & Dalmation Spots: Meet Harmony! She’s from Sassy Scales & is going to be a future mate to Mischief! She has a couple black Dalmatian spots, but her throat has a ton of red spots which are so pretty! Her orange is just gorgeous, so I can’t wait to see what She & Mischief will produce and what’s she’ll look like as an adult!



Extreme Harlequin W/Pin Dashing: One of the sons of Blaze & Magma, Mischief is a gorgeous extreme harlequin with alot of dripping pattern from his back to his sides! I can not wait to see this guy full grown, his crest looks to be developing nicely as well, i love how the tips of his crest are cream colored! Though his pinning needs work, I figure if I find the right girl for him in a couple years, that his babies will be beautiful!



Extreme Tri-color W/80% Pin Stripe: A daughter of Blaze & Magma, Snickers is one stunning gecko! I love her crest and its gorgeous white tips. I can not wait to see this girl grown and to see in a few years what she might produce! She also has the most pinning out of all the babies on this list, so she’ll be one of the ones who’ll be used first to try and get full pin stripe extreme tri-colored babies!


~Projects I’ll be working on~

~Extreme Tri-Color Pinstripe Project~

~Extreme Harlequin/Halloween Project~

(2020 or 2021)